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Forklift servicing


With thousands of forklifts sold in New Zealand over the past twenty years, Forklifts NZ have developed the necessary skills and infrastructure to keep these forklifts on the move.  It is this same expertise that supports their full range.  Forklifts NZ also have the experience to repair or maintain any of the other major brands of forklifts. 

Forklift Breakdown:

  • Available 7 days a week/24 hours a day.

  • Trained mobile technicians with experience in repairing all major forklift brands

  • Coverage nationwide through our business networks

  • Current spare parts fulfilment rate of 95% within 24 hours for all orders received

  • Replacement short term rental trucks available at discounted rates for lengthy repairs


    Regular maintenance through a Forklifts NZ Maintenance Programme is the easiest way to maximise uptime for your forklift, and to ensure it is always running safely and cost effectively.  As part of the Maintenance Programme you will receive a fully customised report that is tailored to meet your specific information requirements.

    Maintenance Programmes for Forklifts NZ rental customers takes into account their unique requirements when developing their Programme.

    Other Service Available:

  • Workplace safety assessments for forklifts

  • Maintenance reports

  • Warrant of Fitness (mandatory for public area/road usage)

  • Battery repairs, maintenance and replacement

  • Tyre replacement

  • Forklift overhauls

  • Washing facilities

  • 1st class service






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